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SOHOA converts scanned documents, images (including photos) and PDF to MS Word format which you can easily edit and share. SOHOA provides free online service for text recognition and document conversion in Vietnamese language. The process is very simple: enter your email address, upload the source image from your computer and get the result by email!
Stop retyping manually by yourself, leave this work to us!

Step 1: Choose file Step 2: Converting... Step 3: Conversion complete

Choose file, which you need to convert to Word, on your computer, upload it to SOHOA and then we send you the result by email.

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Step 1: Choose file Step 2: Converting ... Step 3: Conversion complete


Step 1: Choose file Step 2: Converting ... Step 3: Conversion complete

Document has been send to your email.

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What Sohoa does

What Sohoa does
  • Convert image to Word
  • Convert scan to Word
  • Convert PDF to Word
Now it's not necessary to retype each page!

Using state-of-the-art ABBYY technologies of image processing and document recognition, SOHOA service converts images into MS Word editable format with up to 99% recognition accuracy. If you need to transform text from paper document into electronic text, you just need to scan or take a photo of the paper and upload the image to SOHOA. SOHOA will quickly convert image file into Word text and save your valuable time in this way.

Supported formats

Supported formats
  • Input formats
    • TIFF
    • JPEG, JPEG part 1
    • PDF, DjVu
    • BMP, PNG
  • Output formats
    • PDF,PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b
    • RTF,DOC, DOCX, Word XML
    • XLS, XLSX
    • TXT, CSV, HTML
Service support any image format for input!

SOHOA can convert images in any popular format as PDF, JPEG, TIFF .. into electronic text. Using SOHOA you can create your own elecrtonic storage of documents for further managing this archive. Attention: SOHOA FREE allows to convert images and PDFs only to MS Word.

Main features

Main features
  • OCR languages: English, Malay/Indonesian
  • Automatic image correction
  • Automatic deskewing
  • Automatic noise removal
  • Saves document's format: headers, footers, fonts™
  • Saves document structure: tables, diagrams, pictures...
No need to reformat electric text again!

SOHOA technology preserves the original logic structure of the document. When you use SOHOA for converting images and PDFs into electronic text, the result of recognition will be the text with content and foramtiing exactly the same as in the source image file. Due to the help of smart ADRT recognition technology the original complex document's format (including headers, footers, table of contents, notes, tables, graphs... etc.) is detected and reproduced by SOHOA Let SOHOA save your time and efforts in boring text editing.

If you like our service and would like to use OCR technology more in your life and business process, please contact our partner in your country:

- Minimum resolution 300dpi.
- Doesn't process password protected PDF files.
- SOHOA FREE allows you to convert only first 5 pages of multipage document.